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Industry Applications

Fire and dust explosion prevention solutions for your industry

GreCon provides preventive solutions against fire and dust explosion for many industries.

With a customized solution from GreCon, sparks, embers and hot particles in the production process can be detected and eliminated automatically. Costly production downtime, the risk to people and damage to equipment and facilities can be avoided.

The right solution for your production

To protect your production, your staff, and your equipment against fire and dust explosions, GreCon offers you...

  • Fastest, most reliable spark detection & extinguishing system, which is especially adapted to your production.
  • Detection and recording of every single spark and ember in the areas at risk.
  • Touch screen HMI with process visualization.
  • Flexibility of suitable countermeasures for your specific process, to include mechanical isolation, standard or special extinguishing media, equipment shutdown or PLC actions.
  • Proactive preventative measures without production interruption for most installations.
  • Recording of events down to the millisecond to help identify root causes of problem.
Biomass & Bioenergy Industry