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Inline Microwave Moisture Meter

MM 6000 fast precise measurments

The Microwave Moisture Meter MM 6000 with planar sensor is appropriate to measure wood chips and fibers.

The sensor surface is resistive and not sensitive to industrial conditions. The deep penetration of the microwave field into the product allows for accurate measuring results. Due to the patented measuring principle, precise measurement of the moisture content is achieved, regardless of density, surface structure and color of the material measured.


Microwave moisture meter & analyzer — MM 6000 mounted on side of fiber bin wall to provide moisture measurements.Planar sensor is integrated in a housing and this one is mounted to the sidie of a fiber bin.

Microwave Moisture Meter Principle

The GreCon On-line Moisture Measuring System MM 6000 works using 2-PMR technology with patented microwave resonator. This method uses the dipole properties of water molecules. A harmonic, electro magnetic resonance field (microwave field) is generated by means of the planar sensor. The water bound by the material now interacts with the resonance field.

The resonance frequency of the microwave field is detuned and dampened depending on the water content of the material. The changes in the field are received by the sensor and evaluated by the processor. With the measurement of the above parameters and their evaluation, it is possible to determine moisture content and material density separately.

Using the above principle, the MM 6000 measures the moisture content independent of the density. Optionally, the measureing system can be expaned to include a density analyser that measures both mositure and density simultaneously.

The emitted microwaves do not cause heating or chemical reactions of the material.

Moisture Meter — mm 6000 on drop chuteMounted to the side of a drop chute.

Microwave Moisture Merter Technical Information

Measuring range: 1% to 85% Depending on sensor type and product, in selectable sub-domains
Measuring Accuracy: ± 2% standard deviation for tenfold measurement
Measuring time: <1 second
Product Memory: 32 products
Data Security: EPROM
Sample Temperatures: 0° to +70° C
  32° to + 158° F
Ambient Temperatures: -10° to 40° C
  -14° to + 104° F

Inline Moisture Meter — MM 6000 with microwave technologyInline Moisture Meter — MM 6000 with microwave technology

Microwave Moisture Meter Applications

  • Dryer

    At the inlet (MM 6000 for up to 70°C) and outlet (MM 6000 XT for up to 140°C) to regulate dryer.

  • Fiber Dryer

    Dried wood fibers are measured at the drop chute after the rotary valve.

  • Forming Line

    Provides data about the chip or fiber mat spread and can be used for automatic upstream process control.

  • Star Cooler

    To ensure customers are supplied panels with the correct moisture content.

Microwave Moisture Meter Features

  • Measurements independent of material density
  • Not influenced by material surface texture, light or color
  • Microwave penetration yields product core moisture content
  • Immediate and precise measurement results
  • Suitable for installation in enclosed conveying systems
  • Laboratory measurement units available
  • Data Security: EPROM memory