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Formaldehyde Emissions Testing

GA 6000 using CARB approved EN717-2 gas analysis method

Due to international regulations and requirements like CARB and IOS-MAT-0003, more and more panel processing companies demand internal quality control testing of formaldehyde emission from their panel at the time of manufacture. Furniture manufactures can also test samples to ensure panel products used in their products meet the emission standards. This, combined with the increasing need to perform formaldehyde testing by simple, fast and safe procedures, led to the development of the GA 6000 system.


Formaldehyde Emissions Analyzer — GA 6000 with two test chambers.Formaldehyde Emissions Analyzer — GA 6000

Formaldehyde Emissions Testing Principle

The gas analysis method according to EN 717-2 is a rapid formaldehyde emission testing procedure. It is an alternative test method approved by California Air Resources Board (CARB).

This test places samples into a 60°C heated chamber and air is pumped through at a rate of 60 liters per hour. The air is routed to water bubblers and formaldehyde released from the sample is dissolved into the water. These water samples are tested every hour using a spectrophotometer to determine the amount of formaldehyde emitted from the sample.

The GA 6000 system is operated by an intuitive touch panel display. To ensure correct and repeatable tests, the device uses modern digital components to monitor flow rate, temperature, and pressure. These components provide a more detailed display and verification of the operating parameters. Hourly averages for flow, temperature and pressure are automatically calculated for each test run and presented in a table after completion of the test.

Sample board inside test chamber of a formaldehyde emissions analyzer.Sample board inside test chamber of a formaldehyde emissions analyzer.

Formaldehyde Emissions Testing Features

  • Approved analysis according to EN 717-2
  • Formaldehyde emission testing in a few hours
  • Precise and reliable measured values, even with low concentrations
  • Compact construction and low energy consumption
  • Heated gas lines for condensation-free measurement
  • Intuitive and safe operation via color touch panel
  • Accepted by CARB
  • Simultaneous measurement of two samples
  • Quality control of the measurements by participation in LabCheck round robin tests
  • Immediate start after programmable heating
  • Test parameters output according to ISO 12460-3
  • Temperature and air flow regulation
  • Automatic leak test

The system comes with a one year subscription to LabCheck Inter-laboratory Trials. LabCheck ONLINE is a laboratory proficiency system for wood product testing laboratories. LabCheck ONLINE gives instant feedback after each laboratory completes testing, unlike traditional round robins which typically take months to collate results and provide feedback.

Real-time reporting makes instant analysis of the test results possible. Immediately after entering the data, the results can be compared against the reference laboratory, which eliminates the customary delays associated with inter laboratory trials. This means, you can react immediately if the results indicate a problem in your laboratory, thus improving the overall test consistency.